SL1 LED Pixel Tube Setup

1. Plug the light into supplied 5v power adapter (only use included power supply or another 5v adapter or you risk damaging your light)
2. Go to WiFi settings on your device and look for the WLED-AP network. Enter the password wled1234, and you will be taken to a captive portal page. Once connected, select "WiFi Settings"


4. Enter your SSID (network name) and password, then press "Save and Reboot". Repeat steps 1-4 for multiple lights.


5. Install the WLED app (iPhone or Android)

6. With your phone and light(s) connected to your network, open the WLED app and press the "+" button in the upper-right corner.


7. Select "Discover Lights", and if connected properly WLED will connect with all the lights you have on your network. Click the checkmark and you will return to the home menu.


7. Select a light and play around with colors and effects! The "Sync" button will synchronize all other lights within the network to the selected one. The "Peek" button will give you a small visualization of the light output within the app. Under "Config" -> User Interface, you can change the name of your light under "Server Description". Selecting "Favorites" at the bottom of the screen will let you save presets for easy access to your favorite colors/effects.

Full documentation on the WLED app can be found here. Please read through this before attempting to modify any other advanced settings. Thank you Aircoookie for all your hard work developing this amazing tool!


"Are they waterproof?" - No. Some steam from the shower is probably ok, but do not splash or submerge your tube

"Can I swing/toss around my tube?" - No. The polycarbonate is rugged but has delicate electrical components inside. Be gentle.

"Can I use a USB battery" - Yes. 5v portable battery packs work with these tubes (2a fast-charge output recommended for brightest whites)

"My light won't connect" - Make sure both the light and your iOS/Android device are connected to the same network

Do not hesitate to email for any other questions